Sunday, December 16, 2012

In the wake of the tragedy in Newton, CT, we're all hugging our kiddos more often and kissing them a little longer. It's deeply saddening and heartwrenching to think of what those affected by the shootings are faced with. I can't even imagine. I tear up thinking about a family who won't pick up their child from school anymore, or hear them laugh down the hall when they're settling down to sleep, or opening up their gifts on Christmas. Heartbreaking.

We all do what we can. Today, I made sure to spend time with Ryan as I made several dozen cookies for a cookie exchange tomorrow. Honestly, I probably wouldn't have included him in the baking pre-tragedy. Isn't that sad? I would have thought about how much he would have gotten in the way, what a mess he would have made and how I'd have to answer a million questions about what we were doing. I don't like admitting that, but this is what a tragedy does. It gives you a much needed new perspective.

He didn't get in the way, and he didn't make a big mess and he didn't ask a million questions. He did, though, laugh and smile and sing "Jinger Bells."

It was his first real time helping me out and we had a great time.Although he was very skeptical of the electric mixer, he ultimately made nice and we got some good eats to show for it.

Look at that smile! 

Did a great job mixing

"Um, ma, what's this thing?

"Pretty cool!"

Crunching the corn flakes for the cookies.

Delicious Cherry Winks (recipe compliments of my late Grandma Mac)

Bags of cookies for my first ever cookie exchange

I have a fun surprise in store for my little family tonight. It's going to be really fun. More to come on that....

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