Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Geocache Finds #54-58

Spent Saturday morning out geocaching with Jill & Denny. It was a beautiful day and we cached up in Edwardsville. Picked up finds #54-58. I'm thinking my updated New Years Resolution will be to find 100 :) That was my original goal, but Hubs talked me into a more "realistic" one. Looks like 100 wasn't that unrealistic after all!

TB Lay-Over
Hidden: 11/8/2011
Found: 5/26/2012

I totally forgot to bring the travel bug (TB) I have (Globetrotter), but this was a nice, easy, quick cache nonetheless.

The cache was a large cooler hidden under the rock pile.

Bridge over Troubled Cache
Hidden: 3/14/08
Found: 5/26/2012

This was took us a few minutes to find, but luckily Craig came through for us (again).  It was a small bison tube tied to a screw inside of the fence rail on a bike trail overpass. 

Can you see the bison tube hanging on the string?

Slices of Quince
Hidden: 4/7/2001
Found: 5/26/2012

Although this was a pretty tricky find, it was cool for two reasons: It's been hidden since 4/7/2001 (11 years ago), but it was also my first letterbox find (well, letterbox/geocache hybrid). And truth be told, I didn't find it. Neither did Jill. Craig had to get out of the car and point it out to us after we looked like very suspicious people snooping around someone's yard. It didn't help that our GPS had us off by more than 40 feet on this one.

Can you see it hidden under the flowers?

It's a hidden mailbox!

 It contained both a letterbox and a geocache.

Drost Park's Trail Head
Hidden: 3/14/2008 
Found: 5/26/2012

This cache was pretty lame. It was just a piece of paper inside a plastic sleeve attached to the map at the park. Dumb. But, we signed the log so we could pick up another point.

Water Pipe
Hidden: 8/25/2010
Found: 5/26/2012

This was a really cool cache. The instructions told us to bring a gallon of water with us and to "pour fast" once we found the GPS coordinates. The cache was a metal pipe affixed to a fence. You never know if what you've found is actually the cache until you locate the log. In this case, we took a leap of faith and just started pouring the water into the pipe. Luckily within a few seconds, a clear tub floated up to the top. We grabbed the tube, signed the log, and added another smiley (find) to our list. 

 After caching for a few hours out in the heat, we were spent. We headed off to Peel (wood fired pizza-- YUMMO) and then home for the day.

All in all, it was a great day. The weather was beautiful (even though it was hot) and we had great company! We were able to find some cool caches and hike to burn off a few calories.

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