Saturday, May 19, 2012

Geocache Finds #51 - #53

Thanks to Hubs suggestion, we went geocaching outside of our hometown. As a result, we found some really great new places to hang out!

We tried finding some at the park, but there was a summer camp going on so we had to reevaluate. Luckily our little detour ended up getting us some really cool grabs.

"Got Digits?"
Hidden: 7/9/2011
Found: 5/19/2012

This cache was in a very populated (high muggle) area so after two brief tries at finding it, I sent in the Hubs instead. Of course he found it immediately. Punk.  It was a magnetic box attached to a very old payphone (hence the name "Got Digits"). It was a quick, relatively easy grab. I totally forgot to snap a pic.

"Got Bread?"
Hidden: 7/9/2011
Found: 5/19/2012

This cache was part of a series of caches in town. I think we found all 3 of them with "Got Bread" being the final find. We really liked this cache because it was located near a lake we didn't know existed. It's a cool place, a little off the beaten path, and we can fish there! There were several cement lions in a rock garden that RJ wasn't particularly fond of :) The cache was located under a fake rock pile. 

"Got Bread" geocache

Can you see the terror in his face? He wasn't fond of the lion :)

After finding the cache, we walked around the lake, which ended up being quite a hike. I'm excited to have found a good fishing hole. We'll definitely be back.

There was another cache on this bridge, but we couldn't find it and, according to the GPS, it hasn't been found since Dec 2011 (which means it probably doesn't exist anymore). It's a cool place to place a cache, though! Maybe we'll place one there someday. 

Hidden: 5/1/2011
Found: 5/19/2012

And finally, our FAVORITE find of the day! This was definitely off the beaten path and it took us quite a while to figure out how to even get to the coordinates. First we started walking towards a field, but then realized there was a huge ditch we had to cross and we certainly couldn't do that with the kid in tow. Then we figured out that we had to back track and go vertical. We had to climb up a steep hillside onto an old platform that used to be an active railroad track. We hiked down the trail and finally found a clearing in the trees. 

After about 25 minutes of hiking and backtracking, we Craig finally found it.

Can you find it? I circled it in the pic above...

It had a pulley system which we used to lower it so we could sign the log. This was definitely our favorite cache of the day, therefore earning the much coveted Favorite Award on the geocaching website.

 RJ did awesome throughout the morning. It was HOT and we got quite the workout, but he handled it like a champ. Just as he always does :)

RJ is the main reason we started geocaching in the first place. We wanted something to do outside with him once he was old enough. Now we have this fun and physical activity and it definitely gets us outside experiencing all that Mother Nature has to offer. 

Until next time!

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