Friday, November 16, 2012

I'm back :)

My last blog post is dated May 2012.

I quit Facebook back in June 2012.

Basically, I fell off the Internet Earth. Well, maybe not fell...more like bungee jumped because I'm back :)

A few updates:

I LOVE being a stay-at-home mom. It's even better than I imagined. You can read all about how much I love it here.

RJ turned TWO. I can't even believe it. Isn't he adorable?

Back in September he started going to school one day a week. Not surprisingly, he loves it. 

I'm still in love with Peyton Manning, even though he plays for Denver now. I also still follow the Colts. Have since the late 90' reason to stop now. 

I joined our local MOPS group (Mothers of Preschoolers). By the 3rd meeting, I found myself responsible for the monthly newsletter. 

My life right now consists of planning the first edition of Elf on the Shelf. And I'm so freaking excited. Elf on the Shelf is one of the main reasons I wanted to have children right up my alley. The creativity and constant planning suit my Type-A personality well. I've promised several people that I'll blog about our Elf adventures. And I will. Pinky Promise ;)

Christmas planning is also in fully swing. I'm not someone who gets upset when the stores bust out the Holiday decorations in October. I start planning in August, so I'm excited when stores play along and let me get stuff done early.

This year, Connie and I are doing a Christmas Bucket list exchange. We're each coming up with five things for the other one to do this Holiday Season. I can't wait to get our list. I'm sure it'll be blog-worthy.  

That's it for now. Come back, though, I may have another post and you won't have to wait 6 months for it :)

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  1. I'm soooo very excited that you are blogging again!

    Can't wait for you to see your Christmas Bucket list because the one you sent us is amazing!