Monday, January 21, 2013

Homemade tent

I did it!

I made something from Pinterest that requires tools :)

A tent, a fort...some place he can go to read and play with his stuffed (and real) friends:

Reading a book with Mickey
Constructing it was pretty easy (instructions here). After a quick trip to the local hardware store, we had all of the wooden pieces and hardware ($20)- they even cut the pieces down to size for me. We got the curtains at Bed, Bath and Beyond in the clearance section (you must use tabbed curtains since they alternate at the top) ($20- I didn't have a 20% off coupon with me...doh!).

In total, I spent less than an hour building it. I waited until Ryan went to bed one night and whipped it up then. When he woke up in the AM, I told him we had a surprise for him (his response? "Santa came?!") and we hurried downstairs.

The genuine excitement in his eyes is something I'll never forget.

I wanted a tent/fort that he could use for years to come so it had to be big enough for him to grow into, but also needed to be easily stored. This fits the bill perfectly.

And it's handmade. With love.

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